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Easy Glass Edge Protection (U-Profile) (Rectangular) (16.4' S/L) (For 12mm - 12.76mm)

Part Number

Sold by: Length       

Type: Outdoor/Indoor

Glass thickness: 12 to 12.76 mm

Size: 19/32 x 17/32 inch (15 x 13.5 mm). Length 16.4' (5000 mm)    

Material: Aluminum

Finish: Stainless Steel Effect

    16.4' (5000 mm)  19/32" (15mm)' 17/32'' (13.5mm)

Looking for an easy and elegant way to protect the edges of your glass balustrades? Q-Railing's Edge Protection is the answer. Extremely thin, but extremely safe, the protection strip has been tested and approved in accordance with the DIN 18008-4 requirements for glass edge protection.

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